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Calumet Specialty Products

Calumet is a leading producer of specialty hydrocarbon products including lubricating oils, white oils, solvents, waxes, & consumer branded products.

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CALUMET 210-245 <1%

Is an aliphatic lacquer diluent. Designed primarily for use in nitrocellulose lacquer as a replacement or partial replacement for toluene. CALUMET 210-245 is recommended for absorption naphta, solvent cleaning, starting fluid blends and carbon less paper solvent. Suitable for propellants, aluminium rolling oil, lamp oil, insecticides, lacquer thinner, asphalt cut-back, metalworking fluid, foam blowing agent, textile lubricant and concrete release agent.

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Calumet 400-500Show details
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Calumet 450-HiShow details
Calumet VM&P

Is an aromatic solvent. Offers low flash- and boiling point and fast evaporation. CALUMET VM&P NAPTHA <1% is mainly recommended for use in asphalt cut-back applications.

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Hydrocal 2000Show details
Hydrocal 500Show details
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Versagel M 750Show details

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