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Calcium Stearate Kosher (Liga CPR-2-K)

• Cosmetic and toiletries applications as a water-in-oil emulsifier, flow aid in dry
powders and to impart water repellence.
• Anti-caking agent in dry powder mixes or as a mold release for tableting food and

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Ligastar AL D2(18/bags per pallet)

Aluminium-di-stearate with high gel strength for the production of lubricants.Suspension
and oil thickening agent.Water-repelling added substance for special application.

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Mathe Aluminum #9

· Paints, Printing Inks, and Varnishes: MATHE® Aluminum Stearate No. 9
is used for thickening, suspension, and tack reduction when a minimum of
flattening is desired.
· Silk Screen Extender Bases: MATHE® Aluminum Stearate No. 9 is used
to produce short properties.
· Vinyl Plastisols: MATHE® Aluminum Stearate No. 9 is used to increase
body and assist heat stability.
· Wax Products (Crayons, Candles, etc.): MATHE® Aluminum Stearate No.
9 is used to increase hardness and raise the melting point while retaining
flexibility. Minor amounts improve appearance and ease application by
preventing crystallization of the wax.
· Greases: MATHE® Aluminum Stearate No. 9 is used to produce very stable
gels for bearing greases, etc.

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Mathe Lithium Stearate

Cosmetic and Toiletries: MATHE® Lithium Stearate is used as an additive
in face and body powders to impart slip and unctuousness and improve
adherence to the skin.
Powder Metallurgy: MATHE® Lithium Stearate is employed in the pressing
of brass and stainless steel compacts.
Greases: MATHE® Lithium Stearate is used as a gelling agent in the
manufacture of multi-purpose greases, which offer a broader range of
operating temperature than greases using aluminum or sodium stearates.
MATHE® Lithium Stearate gives greases the properties of high drop points,
water resistance, transparency, and excellent elasticity and recovery.

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Norac Mathe Sodium Stearate

MATHE® Sodium Stearate is characterized by a high melting point, making it
suitable for high temperature lubricating applications. In addition, sodium
stearate exhibits excellent gelling properties in polar solvents, especially short
chain alcohols.

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Norac Coad 10 Calcium Stearate

Is a high grade calcium stearate with a very fine particle size. It exhibits excellent heat stability properties for high temperature processing and provides mold release properties critical for thermoplastics and thermoset molding

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Norac Coad 23 Zinc Stearate

COAD® 23 Zinc Stearate was developed especially for the polymer industry
with a low ash and low impurities for good melt clarity and heat stability. The
medium particle size and moderately high bulk density enhance flow

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Norac Coad 23Vg Zinc Stearate

Is a high grade, vegetable-based zinc stearate developed especially for the polymer industry. It has low ash and low impurities for good melt clarity and heat stability.

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Norac Coad 25 Zinc Stearate

COAD® 26 Zinc Stearate is an extremely uniform, high purity zinc stearate. It
offers good melt clarity and heat stability in polymer applications.

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Norac Coad 40 Magnesium Stearate

COAD® 40 Magnesium Stearate is a high grade magnesium stearate with a
low soluble salt level that reduces discoloration during processing. The low
dusting particle size improves handling, blending, and dispersion.

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Norac Coad Zinc Stearate Ha

COAD® Zinc Stearate HA was developed especially for the coatings industry
with a high ash content and low impurities. The fine particle size and low bulk
density enhances dispersing characteristics.

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