EMCO Canada Product List

Covestro LLC formerly, Bayer MaterialScience – the name stands for the materials that the company develops and produces. Covestro also stands for the know-how and expertise of its employees all over the world. With growth products, excellent technologies and a well-stocked innovation pipeline, Covestro aims to extend its market leadership. EMCO Chemical Distributors Canada Ltd. is proud to represent the Covestro CAS product lines. A list of the products is below, or for a more complete list of CAS products that Covestro offers, please see their website by clicking the following link: http://www.covestro.com. A printable version of the Covestro CAS brochure is below.

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BayerMaterialScience CASE Index

Covestro CAS Index

Covestro SDS’s and additional product safety information can be found at: http://www.productsafetyfirst.covestro.com

Aliphatic Isocyanates – Monomeric Aliphatic Diisocyanates

Desmodur® N – HDI Biuret

Desmodur® N – HDI Trimer

Desmodur® N – Low Viscosity HDI Polyisocyanates

Bayhydur® – Water Dispersible Polyisocyanate Crosslinkers

Desmodur® – Water Dispersible Polyisocyanate Crosslinkers For Adhesive Applications

Desmodur® BL – Blocked Aliphatic Polyisocyanates for 1K Polyurethane Baking Systems

Bayhydur® – Blocked Polyisocyanates for 1K Waterborne Baking Systems

Desmodur® Z – IPDI Trimer

Desmodur® – HDI / IPDI Polyisocyanates

Aliphatic Prepolymers

Low Functionality Isocyanates

Aromatic Isocyanates and Prepolymers - Monomeric Aromatic Diisocyanates

Modified MDI Diisocyanates

Desmodur® L/IL/HL

Desmodur® R Polyisocyanates

Polymeric MDI


Amine Functional Coreactants

Desmocap® – Epoxy Flexiblizers

Desmoseal® – Silane Terminated Prepolymer

Desmophen® - Amine Functional Coreactants

MD I Allophanates

Impranil® High Solids Polyurethane Prepolymers with Blocked Isocyanate Groups

Imprafix® Crosslinking Agents and Catalysts

Impranil® 1K Polyurethane Solutions

Bayhydrol® – PUR Dispersions for 1K Coatings

Bayhydrol® – Oxidatively Curing Dispersions for 1K Systems

Bayhydrol® – OH Functional Resins For Waterborne 2K Systems

Baybond® – PUR Dispersions For Glass Fiber Sizings

Impranil® – Aqueous PUR Dispersions For Textile Coatings

Dispercoll® U PUR Dispersions for Adhesive and Sealant Applications

Dispercoll® C Polychloroprene Dispersions for Adhesive Applications

Dispercoll® S Nano-Silica Additives For Dispercoll®

Baypren® Polychloroprene Rubber for Adhesives

Pergut® Chlorinated Rubber

Hydroxyl-Functional Polyurethanes for Adhesives

Desmomelt® Hydroxyl-Functional Polyurethanes for Adhesives

Desmophen® - Linear Polycarbonate Polyesters

Desmophen® - Polyesters for 2K Systems

Desmolux® UV-Curable Resins

Allophonate Urethane Acrylates

NCO-containing Urethane Acrylates for Dual Cure

Epoxy Acrylate

Polyether Acrylate

Polyester in Reactive Thinner

UV-Curable Dispersions

Saturated Hydroxyl Terminated Polyesters

Linear Polycarbonate Polyesters

Polyester Blends

Polyether Polyols

Crelan® Crosslinkers for Polyurethane Powder Coatings

Polyesters for 2K Systems